Some skid got my last post taken down and said that it was a virus. So, to break it down in a few words, this file is a false positive. Meaning if you're windows anti cheat isn't turned off its going to show as a virus because windows doesn't recognize it. So, make sure your windows anti cheat is turned off. Please don't be a skid bitch :3 ( also this is how you work the cleaner)

--How to work cleaner--

  1. Open Golden Cleaner
  2. When it says paste key put anything you want for example put "asd"
  3. Put "0" than enter
  4. put "6" and enter
  5. You're PC will restart and everything will be cleared for cheats

-- If you want to change you're HWID or Disk serial just put in the numbers "2" "4" than do "6" for a restart on PC

If this worked please join my discord server https://discord.gg/Mu8C7BfjCU

Status: Undetected
Version: 1


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