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Download injector open up process hacker (Make sure phasmophobia is open) find phasmophobia right click miscellanous inject dll (Click the dll file in downloads) Open with Enter, and close with enter

I have been using this for a while and this is completely safe instructions Instruction: Download tool file from mega by clicking this link : https://mega.nz/file/hrJGgAjQ#vpbx_nvA-VrhWfVqXBpzwfKT5c4fGA08LLLqUk2ElLQ (Click the link here, don't click at embeded icon) Uninstall "Riot Vanguard": Control panel > Uninstall Program > search for "Riot Vanguard" > Uninstall it (This would likely be installed if you play Valorant) and EasyAntiCheat: PC > program x86 > easy antich3at > choose the game > press uninstall on the bottom left & Faceit Anticheat : Control panel > Uninstall Program > search for "Faceit Anticheat" > Uninstall it (This would likely be installed if you play CSGO) Double-check ALL windows antivirus and firewalls are disabled. Any 3rd party antivirus needs to be uninstalled also. Not just disabled (examples would be Norton, McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Webroot, AVG, etc.) Performance boosters like MSIAfterburner and similar software must be uninstalled as well. Go to window security > virus & threat protection > virus & threat protection setting > click manage settings > Turn off Real-time protection (step 5 will on everytime after restart, so you must do it everytime after restart ya) Method 1: Required Activate Tool Everytime When Start the Game (Everything Unlocked & Everything Sticks) (Recommended) (Best Experience) Start Game At 4 Games Selection Page > Run Tool > Press Unlock All > Close Tool Start Playing with Everything Unlocked The next time you play after you restart you have to repeat step 1 to 3 above to keep everything stick and load like the last time you play. If you failed do step 1 to 3, camos for guns in class 1 to 10 will gone (attachments still stick), operator skin will gone (base operator stick) & In-Store Blueprint Tracer will gone. Method 2: Use Tool Only 1 Time, Then Restart & Play Without Tool Activated (Camos & Operator Skin Will Not Stick) (Base Operator & Gun Attachments Stick) Start Game At 4 Games Selection Page > Run Tool > Press Unlock All > Close Tool Edit Your Loadout 1 to 10: Only gun attachment stick later, so only equip guns and set the attachments (*In-Store Blueprint Tracer Won't Stick to Loadout later) Choose your operator: As only base operator without skin will stick, "Scream" is the best choice as itself base is a skin. Restart PC> Play without Tool activated > The loadout will be stick until you deleted them You only need to use the Tool again when you wanted to edit your loadout A few important notes, You will have risk of getting banned if you use the unlocker on fresh level 1 account. Also, using those battlenet pre-generated in market with virtual number will get you banned too. If you wanted to be extra safe, please do not use any unreleased stuff. Use only method 1 & method 2 for unlocks. Do not sign in other people accounts to do modding or let other people to sign in your account using pc.

It unlocks everything permanently

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